Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What we can do!

I honestly LOVE planning, most of all, I love Weddings! I enjoy creating Southern, Chic, Stylish and Elegant Events. Either breaking it down to one of those styles or strategically combining them all to make your wedding day dream the reality that you deserve. With all clients you get more than just a direction, we will provide you with amazing ideas, hands on assistance, customized inspiration boards, and most importantly the communication you need to take the stress off of you. With most of our packages we will review your vendor contracts, communicate with all vendors, and even recommend specific vendors if needed, all to be sure that your wedding day runs smoothly. I am positive that we have a package that would fit your style and budget perfectly, if we don’t already have one, well, we will make one customized to you and your needs. We take pride in knowing that we can work with a 5,000 budget up to a 55,000 budget. There is no limitations. We will work closely with our Bride's to be sure she gets the wedding that she has always wanted but help her stay within her budget as well. A wedding does not have to be super expensive to be beautiful. I really look forward to speaking with you and hope that I can be a part of helping you not worry about the details and enjoying your day!

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